Sacramento River steelhead fishing report!

Sacramento River steelhead!!

The Sacramento River has seen a considerable amount of rainfall this past week with a series of storms that passed through the Redding area this last week.  The skies have now cleared and although we did see get quite a bit of rain, the Sacramento has not seen a big rise.  Flows from Keswick Dam are dropping to 5,000 cfs tomorrow and the river above Bend Bridge is only running at around 7,000 cfs. Cow Creek and Cottonwood Creek are still running dirty, but they should clear up quickly with the dry weather we are now experiencing. When the water does clear up in the Cottonwood area, King salmon and steelhead fishing should be good below Battle Creek and in sections of the river above Red Bluff.  I will be sampling the action this week and will hopefully have good news for my clients scheduled to fish with me beginning mid month.  This will be the start of our "late fall" salmon/steelhead season and all indictors point to some productive days ahead on the water.  As long as we don't see a big rise and dirty water from the tributaries, we should see solid fishing through mid December when the Sac closes to salmon fishing until next July.  On a side note, the rainbow trout trips are still a lot of fun and double digit days are common while fishing egg patterns below spawning fall salmon in the shallows.  These trout are a blast to catch on our light action G.Loomis/Shimano rods and reels making for a very fun and exciting day on the river.  Please feel free to give me a call anytime and I will be happy to give you a fresh report or just answer any questions you might have about fishing in the Redding area during this time of the year!