Sacramento River "late fall" salmon and steelhead fishing report.

Our boat is back from Willie Boats and our new windshield is awesome!  We fished in the rain yesterday and my clients enjoyed the added comfort and protection from the wind and rain while running the Sacramento River.  Our new Mr. Heater helped with the cold as well, but it is really just there to take the edge off in the chilly weather.  

The new windshield turned out great!

We were targeting steelhead all day, but did see some signs of new salmon in the "Barge Hole" and two of the three boats fishing for salmon reported a salmon each.  The Cottonwood area is pretty much void of spawning fall Kings so the steelhead trout fishing was a little slow.  Fishing in the Redding area is still my preferred location for steelhead right now, but that could change when the bulk of the late fall Kings arrive in the next four weeks before the river closes to salmon fishing on Dec 16th.

Chris Dugger with a nice Sac River trout!

Double digit catch rates for steelhead trout are still common, but the bigger fish are still in the Redding area.  The egg bite is still happening, but throwing Dick Nite spoons is catching fish and back trolling plugs is always productive for the bigger steelhead on the Sac River year round.  

Wild Sacramento River rainbow trout.

I have some salmon trips booked this weekend so I'll have a better idea of just how many fresh Kings we will be fishing over in the near future.  Its still early and I've seen some pretty promising salmon fishing reports from down river indicating that we have good numbers of fresh salmon on their way!  As long as the water conditions hold, I anticipate some good salmon fishing ahead, especially in the month of December.  If you are interested in booking a "late fall" salmon fishing trip, please remember we are fishing for a prized strain of salmon and although fishing can be slow, the quality of the Kings we will have a chance of catching will certainly be worth the wait.  We will be back trolling plugs for this run of salmon targeting the largest fish of the season!  Check out for more information on the Sacramento River!