Q: how do i make a reservation for a fishing trip? 

Making a fishing trip reservation is easy with us!  Simply contact Jaynie at our office by call or text, or you can send her an email at jgoodwinguideservice@yahoo.com. She will let you know what our available dates are for the species of fish you wish to pursue.  You can secure your reservation by paying a 50% deposit online.  Personal checks are also accepted, but an email invoice for the deposit is preferred.  Once the deposit payment is received, your day of fishing with us is confirmed.


We have many launch locations that are utilized throughout the year depending on what we are fishing for.  Jeff will call you prior to your fishing trip and provide the launch location and time, or will have one of our team guides contact you.  Any additional pieces of important information will be communicated to you prior to meeting you at the launch on the day of your trip.

Q: What can i expect during a typical day of guided fishing? 

All of our guided fishing trips are private party fishing trips unless you are informed otherwise.  This means that your party will be the only people fishing with us on your scheduled trip.  We are not an open charter boat and we do not sell seats.  So now that you have booked your private party fishing trip, you are paying for a full day of fishing.  A full day consists of an 8 hour guided trip and begins at the meeting time at the boat launch.  We will take breaks as necessary to ensure everyone is continuously comfortable throughout the day.  We typically fish 7-8 hour days, but your day may be shorter if your party chooses to go home early. Its NOT my policy to catch quick limits of fish and head to the launch to end your day.  I will be actively helping you to catch the fish you are seeking throughout your trip.  I will be providing assistance, giving verbal instruction, and demonstrating rigging and angling technique.  During your trip, it will be my job to help you be as successful as possible by keeping your gear/bait in the water and in front of fish.  At the end of your fishing trip, I will take you back to the launch and process your catch for transport home.  My goal is to provide an environment for you while on my boat that is safe, stress free, fun, informative, and full of excitement!  I will give you a 100% effort every day and do everything in my power to help you catch fish.