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Trinity river fishing report:

09/28- We are currently booking Trinity River steelhead fishing trips. Captain Justin Thompson will be fishing two person drift boat trips as soon as the steelhead show up in good numbers. Call (530) 510-2925 to get your trip date (s) reserved.


There are few destinations more attractive for land locked salmon and trout anglers than Trinity Lake, and those who have tested their skills here know that.  With the best fishing opportunities available from early spring into late fall, Trinity Lake makes for a exceptional fishing trip destination.

Trinity Lake is an “Anglers Paradise” where you can fish all year-long in a temperate climate and a beautiful and pristine environment; where anglers have easy access to excellent fishing and yet do not feel crowded. The watershed of Northern California’s Trinity River is such a place.

The vast watershed of the Trinity River drains out of the Shasta-Trinity and Six Rivers National Forests. For those who take the time to learn about the nature of the ecosystem it offers a diverse year round fishery. It is a place where all kinds of fishermen can pursue up to eleven different species of game fish, but King salmon, Kokanee Salmon, Rainbow Trout, and Brown trout are the fish we most often pursue. Trinity Lake holds the state record for Inland Chinook (King) salmon which weighed in at 20.9 pounds so catching a fish of a lifetime on Trinity Lake is always a possibility.

The fish we pursue in Trinity Lake are the Chinook (King) salmon, Kokanee (Sockeye) salmon, rainbow and brown trout. Springtime fishing in Trinity is when we start to pursue these feisty salmon or trout and we will fish the bulk of our trips until late summer when the season peaks.  The fishing on Trinity Lake can be very good at times and the scenery you will be surrounded with during your day of fishing is second to none.

Trinity lake King Salmon Guide

Guided King salmon fishing trips on Trinity Lake attract passionate anglers like a magnet, especially in the Trinity Dam section of the lake. The king salmon in these waters have tipped the scales at over 20 pounds and currently hold the California state record in the land locked King salmon category.

Trinity Lake Kings average in size between 2 and 10 pounds in weight, but larger fish are occasionally caught throughout the year. The spring season on Trinity Lake starts in May and lasts until early summer. The fall season begins in September and can last until the following spring if lake conditions are right.

We only use conventional fishing techniques on Trinity Lake and most often choose to troll spoons, anchovy rigs, or squid patterns behind a 8" flasher or dodger.  Success is often achieved, but these Kings can be elusive in the deepest sections of Trinity Lake.  However our day on the water may turn out on any given trip, we attribute our success to our patience and persistence when targeting Trinity Lake King salmon and Kokanee salmon.  Nothing worth waiting for is guaranteed to come quickly.

trinity lake trout fishing GUIDE

Guided trout fishing trips on Trinity Lake are most successful in June, July, August and September. The fish here, bite very aggressively and fight for their freedom with unbelievable strength.  Water conditions on Trinity Lake are very good now and so is the rainbow trout fishing.

We most often use conventional trolling techniques while fishing for Trinity Lake salmon and trout.  Using our top of the line Cannon electric downriggers, we are able to get our presentations down to the chilly depths of the lake where the Kokanee are located. We will target the Kokanee up high in the water column in early June and will chase them deeper and deeper as the water warms during the summer months.  With generous limits and exceptional table fare, fishing for rainbow and brown trout on Trinity Lake has become a prized fishing destination.

Unforgettable trinity lake Fishing Trips Begin with Jeff Goodwin guide service and end with fish stories with family and friends alike.

The best fishing trips are those that start with great care and planning.  Booking your Trinity Lake Kokanee and King salmon fishing trip with Jeff Goodwin should be your first step in that process.  When the day of your trip finally arrives, Jeff will help you enjoy a memorable day of lake salmon fishing on one of the most under appreciated salmon fisheries on the in the Trinity Alps.  Catching fresh King and Kokanee salmon in such a place lures anglers from all over the country and for many salmon anglers, its a "bucket list" fishing destination.  Whether its your first trip on Trinity Lake or just another one of many, fishing with Jeff Goodwin will keep you coming back year after year.

You owe it to yourself and to your fishing partners to benefit from the expertise of a seasoned angler who enjoys fishing as much as you do and who will do everything in his power to make sure you have a great time. Find out why Jeff Goodwin has the reputation of running the best Trinity Lake and Northern California guided fishing trips! You'll be using the best rods, reels, and tackle in the industry and Jeff's 24' Willie jet boat is one of the nicest boats on any river you'll see.  Book your next fishing adventure now!