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NOW BOOKING!!! Late fall run King salmon...

Sacramento River "late fall" King salmon can often exceed 35-45+ pounds!

I am now accepting reservations for the Sacramento River "late fall" King salmon season beginning in mid November.  Because I only offer these trips for a short period of time due to the Sacramento salmon season closing on December 16th, and because some dates are booked a year in advance, I will generally fill up quickly.  This smaller run of king salmon makes up for their lower numbers in both their size and quality.  Because these salmon enter the system later in the season, they are typically larger than the early fall salmon because they spend a longer period of time in the ocean feeding on protein rich bait fish.  In fact, some of the largest salmon of the year that we have access to on the Sacramento River are "late fall" salmon.  The days can be chilly, and the bite can be slow, but this run of Sacramento River salmon can produce a fish of a lifetime!  If you have the patience and can endure a cold/wet day on the river, this just might be the one trip you will never forget.... 

early Fall salmon season finale!

With a low pressure system moving into the Redding area tomorrow night, today will mark the end of my regular fall salmon season.  I enjoyed another great day on the water with the Bonetto boys who came up on a father/son salmon fishing trip.  We covered lots of water, lost lots of gear, and disposed of a lot of bait trying to fill our limits.  As it turned out, they went home with two fine King salmon, making all the hard work on the water worthwhile.  I'm still looking forward to doing some more salmon fishing for "late fall Kings", but that will certainly depend on what kind of return we see in November.  I would like to extend a huge thanks to all of my clients, new and old, who fished with me this year.  I truly value your support and great fellowship on the water.

Justin Bonetto with a Sacramento River King salmon he caught in the "Barge Hole".

Sacramento River salmon fishing was good today!

Today started out like just about every other day on the Sacramento River this salmon season.  We skipped the Barge Hole crowd and ran down river to find some light pressure in some of our favorite holes.  Well, that didn't happen and we ended up sharing a hole with three other boats that were back bouncing plugs making it tough to side drift roe.  Not too long after we started fishing, we hooked and landed a nice 18 pound King salmon.  Not long after that, the Barge Hole boats started coming down to fish in the "Old Mouth" hole.  We left the crowd and ran down into the canyon hoping to run into a pod of salmon.  We found some good trout fishing and hooked into a 6 foot sturgeon that provided an epic battle before we released it beside the boat.  A few more empty holes and a trip down to "Big Rock" remained fruitless so we headed back to the top of where we started the day. We Immediately caught two nice hens to go along with our big buck, and subsequently called it a day.  All in all, it was a great day of salmon fishing and a great day to be an egg fisherman...


Nicholas and Matthew with their Sacramento River King salmon!