2019 Sacramento ISE Show Jan 17th-20th.

Come see me and lats talk fishing!

Come see me and lats talk fishing!

This year I’ll be working at the Shimano booth #3239 in the pavilion building at this years Sacramento ISE Show. I’m one of the few guides in northern California fortunate enough to work on their Pro-Staff and consider it to be a privilege to say the least. Shimano is undeniably the industry leader in the rod and reel market and with so much competition, staying on top these days takes a lot of hard work! I do what I can to help, but in the grand scheme of things, I consider my contribution to be minor. I do my best through my guide business, website, and social media outlets to bring more customers to Shimano now and always will. I’ve invested a lot of time and money into my business and consider Shimano to be a major contributor to my success.

Shimano also owns G.Loomis fishing rods, and has so since the late 90’s when they purchased the company from legendary rod builder, Gary Loomis. I was on the G.Loomis guide program when I started guiding in the early 90’s back when Gary Loomis still owned the company and felt privileged to represent his company from the earliest years of my fishing career. G.Loomis rods were industry leaders back then and still are today. G.Loomis rods are still manufactured in Woodland Washington where the company started many, many years ago. I lived in Washington for many years and passed by the G.Loomis factory many times, but never had a chance to stop in and get the factory tour. Perhaps someday I will stop in and get that long overdue experience.

This will be the first year in several years Shimano is making an appearance at the ISE show in Sacramento and I believe its long overdue. Shimano’s presence at the show will be well received as there are thousands of attendees that will surely enjoy the opportunity to talk to the Shimano Pro Staffers and to get to see a good number of products Shimano has to offer the fishing world. I’m very excited to be able to talk to all of the booth visitors and look forward to sharing my Knowledge of the rods and reels I use when fishing clients on the bodies of water I work on. I’m known throughout the industry for my passion for fishing and everyone knows I am always willing to help clients and other anglers to become better fishermen in any way that I can.

Working for Shimano this week is just one of the ways I can help impart some of my fishing knowledge to other anglers who I’m able to talk to at the show. My point here is that I’m looking forward to talking with you all about fishing with, and using the Shimano gear, so please feel comfortable when approaching me while you are at the show. Its why I’m going to be there and I really do look forward to talking with my old friends and making some new ones while I’m there as well. Have a great time at the show and I’ll be looking forward to talking with you all!