Striped bass fishing report 4/6

We have started our Striped bass season and I'm happy to report that fishing is quite good just about everywhere Stripers migrate to spawn.  I have been down fishing on the San Joaquin River in the California Delta and had three very good days down there.  I am mainly trolling diving plugs over the shoals and ledges in the San Joaquin and have been getting some pretty violent bites in doing so.  Its a very fun technique for fishing Stripers and I can't wait to get back out on the water after the weekend stormy weather.  


Unfortunately, I had to cancel Friday and Saturdays trips because of bad weather and it looks like the rain may blow out the Sacramento River again.  The Feather River has been fishing very good as well and its a great option as long as it maintains its current flows.  I'll be fishing for Stripers through the first week of May and expect to continue to see some great fishing.  If you would like to fish the Feather River or the Ca. Delta for Stripers send me a message or give me a call to set up your day of fishing.