Shasta Lake trout fishing report 1/19

Trout and salmon fishing on Shasta Lake is holding up very well and so is the water.  With the exception of a few locations on the lake where some of the larger creeks come in, the water is a nice green color and perfect for trolling for trout and land locked King salmon.  Finding keeper size King's has been tough this week, but the big Shasta rainbows are still on the bite!

19 1/2" Shasta Lake rainbow trout.

I've been finding the best trout and salmon fishing near Shasta Dam.  Its almost always a safe bet to fish this section of Shasta Lake during most months of the year due to the fact many fish are planted at the Centimudi boat launch nearby.  Todays efforts paid off again near the dam and most of the fish we caught were deep at 70-80' feet.  Normally this time of the year the trout fishing is done in the top 15' feet of the water column, but that hasn't been the case for me this season.  I'm consistently marking fish in the 70-100' range and although the bites come slow, thats where I'm getting them most often.  I'm trolling large dodgers in front of the 2.5" squid skirts on a double hook rig.  Anchovy fillets are a great addition to the squid baits, but anchovy scents are effective additions as well.  Most of my bites came at a trolling speed of 1.7-1.9 mph.  Trout and salmon fishing should remain a good bet as long as the lake remains clear so don't be afraid to get out there and try your luck!   

Very fat 19" Shasta Lake rainbow trout!