Meet Capt. Jeff Goodwin

Capt. Jeff Goodwin has been fishing the Pacific Northwest and Northern California waters for over 25 years.  He currently works as a year round fishing guide and is able to offer his clients the very best fishing trips in northern California any day of the week.  Fishing has been his passion since childhood and it has grown every year since.  He has had the opportunity to become very familiar with fishing for multiple species of Salmon, Rainbow and brown Trout, Steelhead, Kokanee salmon, and finally, Ca. Delta and river run Striped bass.  In addition to honing his skills as a fisherman, he has thousands of hours of powerboat handling experience on numerous bodies of water.  He is a licensed fishing guide by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and holds a USCG OUPV Captain’s License.  He is bonded, insured and is certified in first aid and CPR.

Capt. Jeff is committed to providing the most enjoyable fishing experience for his clients possible and will give them a 100% effort, every day. He possesses a warm, friendly personality and is very attentive to the needs of his clients.  He is eager to provide fishing tips, and instruction to his inexperienced clients in an effort to help them become better anglers and to be more successful when they fish on their own.  For his more experienced clients, Jeff focuses on helping to enhance the skills his clients already possess during their day on the water. The bottom line is, Capt. Jeff Goodwin can accommodate clients at every skill level and will do everything he can to ensure you have a great time on the water. Capt. Jeff values his clients and appreciates their support at every level.  Capt. Jeff welcomes you to his fishing family!  

"He is a very generous guide, and genuinely cares about his clients catching fish and having a great time."
-Chuck S., McKinleyville, CA