An Awesome Adventure Few anglers Have experienced — Keswick Reservoir Guided Fishing Trips

keswick reservoir fishing report:

9/30- Keswick Reservoir is fishing good depending on fluctuations in dam releases which are playing a major role in the bite.  Moving water is best for back trolling plugs or drifting spoons in the early morning, with trolling producing the most bites in the afternoon.  Keswick Reservoir about a mile below Shasta Dam is hazardous for inexperienced boaters.  Dam water surges and a serious rock garden which is sometimes just above or below the surface can rip off outboards or punch holes in the bottoms of boats if impacted.  If you want to learn how to fish Keswick Reservoir, hire a guide to show you the water first.  Its well worth the money!


Keswick Lake, the reservoir controlling the water flowing from the Shasta Dam into the Sacramento River, is a trophy trout paradise the locals have treasured since its completion, in the 1960s. However, few outsiders know about it or know how to take advantage of this special trophy trout fishery.  Because its difficult to learn and not well advertised, it receives very light pressure throughout the year.

The reservoir resembles a river from the top and a lake at its bottom, offering fishing experiences similar to those provided by spring creeks. It is home to some huge trout, all wild and they can be easy to catch if you put in the time to learn how to fish for them. While the average dimensions are between 12 and 18 inches, specimens exceeding 26 inches and up to 10 pounds can be caught here with some regularity.  This is a "bucket list" fishery for many and fishing with us offers you the best chance at having a successful day of catching world class trophy trout..

So why isn’t this place assaulted by hoards of other anglers?

Seldom will you have to share the water on Keswick reservoir with other boats.

Seldom will you have to share the water on Keswick reservoir with other boats.

Here are a few reasons:

  • The banks of the reservoir are quite steep and the vegetation along them is so dense that it makes fishing without a boat almost impossible;
  • The level of the water in the lake fluctuates throughout the day according to downstream irrigation and power commitments, so those who do not adjust their techniques will simply notice that the trout stop biting;
  • The temperature is too cold for water sports, but the water is very clear, so the fish can see a very long way;
  • A swift current runs through the lake, compromising trolling that is not performed against the flow.

Of course, the locals have found solutions to overcome these challenges. That is why having a skilled local fisherman as your guide is vital for the success of any Keswick reservoir fishing trip. 


Catching a trophy trout is always a possibility on Keswick Reservoir.

Catching a trophy trout is always a possibility on Keswick Reservoir.

Local anglers separate Keswick reservoir into two beats. The upper one begins right under Shasta Dam and ends above the mid-reservoir at the old railroad tunnel. The lower one begins at Motion Creek and descends toward the access trail in the Chappie-Shasta OHV area.

The best time for fishing on the Keswick Reservoir is from May to the end of July, but if water conditions are right, you can see good fishing throughout the year.  Its the flows from Shasta Dam and water color that dictates the fishing on this body of water.

Drifting Dick Nite Spoons and trolling plugs work best here for us, but some locals prefer trolling in the slower water below Shasta Dam down to the deep water at Keswick Dam, especially when the water level fluctuates. In terms of bait, the wild trout here still longs for aquatic insects and all kinds of bugs and worms, especially night crawlers.

Enjoy your guided keswick reservoir Rainbow & Brown Trout Fishing Trip 

Beautiful wild rainbow trout swim the frigid waters of Keswick reservoir.

Beautiful wild rainbow trout swim the frigid waters of Keswick reservoir.

As mentioned above, due to the challenges the reservoir and its surroundings pose to newcomers, your best bet is to hire local guide services. To avoid coming to the area just to find out that the weather or the reservoir conditions are not suitable for fishing, you should hire a knowledgable local guide like Jeff Goodwin, someone who is not in this business just for the money but for the thrills of fishing.

He has covered every inch of the Keswick reservoir with his boat, and his rods have already built a connection with the wild trout here. If anyone can organize unforgettable rainbow and brown trout fishing trips at Keswick Reservoir, that is Jeff Goodwin. Contact him today!